The MetFern Cemetery

MetFern At A Glance


Navigating the Stones

Many of the stones at the MetFern Cemetery have sunk into the earth or been toppled by vandals. Rain washes away the numbering on the stones. This map shows the location of all the grave markers at the site.

The cemetery has two sections: a Catholic section and a Protestant section. Each grave is marked with a number. Pull the sliders to show the order in which the markers were created.

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Black: grave with tombstone
Red: grave, no tombstone found
Blue: no grave
Orange: uncertain grave location
Green: disinterred

Reaching the MetFern Cemetery

Today, the MetFern Cemetery lies along the Western Greenway on Department of Conservation and Recreation land that surrounds the site of the former Metropolitan State Hospital. The cemetery is accessible only by foot, and is most easily reached down paths that begin along the Metropolitan Parkway South. It is located a quarter mile from the road entry. The cemetery is not disability accessible.

Signs for Finding the Cemetery

The widening and narrowing paths that lead to the cemetery and the absence of signage for wayfaring, make it challenging to locate. In recent consultations with the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the state agency has committed to introducing new wayfaring signage to the cemetery.

Path to the Cemetery